San Francisco Ranks 3rd in ‘parking pain’

san francisco parking

San Francisco Parking. American’s are so afraid of getting slapped with a parking ticket, they tend to overestimate how long they’ll need to park and wind up overcharging themselves.

Parking woes can take a toll on more than just drivers’ wallets. 60 percent of Americans surveyed said finding a parking space stressed them out. More than 40 percent had missed an appointment due to lack of parking. Nearly a quarter said they’d actually experienced parking road-rage.

As San Francisco was recently ranked as the absolute worst city in the country for drivers, with San Franciscans paying an average of $12 for every two hours of parking, it almost feels like our lives are slipping away while we’re hunting for parking spaces.

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How Much It Costs To Look For Parking

Hunting for Parking costs us how much each year?!

Searching for parking costs Americans $73 billion per year, according to a new study from Inrix Research.

This study also revealed some other interesting facts. American drivers add an average of 13 extra hours to meters each year to avoid tickets.

Across the top 10 urban cities in the US, that amounts to more than $20 billion spent to stay away from legal troubles. NYC and LA also have the highest number of tickets per driver per year, so clearly that strategy isn’t working as well as one might hope.

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